Request your sterile 5-Pack Intuit Sample

For more than 20 years, CIVCO transducer covers have served as effective viral barriers for protection against microbial migration, including viruses, bacteria and bloodborne pathogens.  Now, CIVCO offers the Intuit Series covers, with simplified application technique to help reduce the incidence and consequence of HAI in your facility.*

Each Intuit™ Series cover offers:

  •  Premium CIV-Flex™ material
  •  Simplified application technique
  •  3D “box end” for distortion-free scanning

Which Cover is Right for You?

Intuit Roll™
REF# 610-1311
  • Open face allows easy
     transducer insertion
  • Pull-tab results in 
     consistent deployment
  • Interior band remains
  • Available in 36" and
     58" lengths

Intuit Glide™
REF# 610-1310
  • Includes placement
     diagram on applicator
  • Easily deployed 
     over transducer
  • Eliminates variability in    
     procedure set-up
  • Available in 36" and
     58" lengths

Intuit SnapFIT™
REF# 610-1312
  • 12" length optimized for 
     point-of-care procedures
  • No tacky residue left
     behind from wound 
     dressing alternatives
  • Insert the probe and the 
     cover snaps into place

The Intuit Series: Fighting infection while maintaining the highest quality standards has never been so intuitive.

*Approximately 25% of patients who undergo ultrasound will potentially acquire bacteria from the probes and develop an HAI. HAIs can compromise patient care, increase liability risks, and cost your facility between $10,443 to $23,242 per occurrence.[1], [2]

[1] Chu K, Obaid H, Babyn P, Blondeau J. Bacterial Contamination of Ultrasound Probes at a Tertiary Referral University Medical Center. AJR. 2014;203:928-932. Retrieved October 20, 2015 at
[2] Anderson DJ, Kirkland KB, Kaye KS, Thacker PA, Kanafani ZA, Sexton DJ. Underresourced hospital infection control and prevention programs: penny wise, pound foolish? Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 2007;28:767-773.